Standing Security Guards

At Veritas Security, we offer the finest standing guard services at the best prices in Southern California. We provide both armed and unarmed standing guards to discourage theft, vandalism, graffiti, loitering, and other unwanted activity for businesses, events, and residential neighborhoods across Los Angeles. Our guards are all highly professional, well-trained, and licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, and can be trusted us to fully protect your property.

Construction Site Security Services

Construction sites pose many challenges because of the significant quantity of materials and equipment and the vast amounts of space that must be secured. There are often multiple entry points to a construction site, with workers, contractors, and delivery people coming and going on a continuous basis. Building materials and equipment are flowing in and out, which can also present problems.
Let one of our construction security experts come out and conduct a site survey risk analysis, at no charge.
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CCTV Systems & Monitoring

Our professional security cameras installer are highly-trained technicians, specialist in Security Cameras installation, We supply and security cameras installation Los Angeles (video surveillance cameras installation Los Angeles), security camera systems sales and CCTV cameras installation Los Angeles and other security products. Our CCTV Installation complete video surveillance cameras installation solutions for your home, business at security cameras Installation.

Alarm Response Service

In the event that your alarm system sounds, Veritas Security will dispatch an officer to your facility to investigate. If necessary, local law enforcement, emergency services, or maintenance personnel will be contacted. Veritas Security officers are trained to effectively handle these types of situations and to take the best course of action.

Special Event Security

With Veritas Security Services, your special event will be in the best hands. Our licensed and bonded security professionals are extensively trained in event security, providing you and your guests with an unmatched level of protection. Our security experts have years of experience and are always discreet and effective. Veritas Security event security guards can be uniformed or in plainclothes and armed or unarmed, depending on your requirements. Call us today and let our knowledgeable and friendly staff assist you with all of your event security needs.

Medical Marijuana Security

Before we dispatch our guards to any assignment, they first go through rigorous training. In the case of medical marijuana dispensaries, this instruction is specific both to the challenges faced by the industry, as well as to the particular facility they will be guarding. Our security strategy accounts for all risks related to both location and operations. Also, our criminal justice and law enforcement experts are also training specialists who can certify personnel in nine critical phases of security services. This training is supplementary to the CPR/AED/First Aid certification that all staff has.